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  • The Dragon's Den is a family-friendly, community-focused gaming store featuring a wide selection of non-electronic tabletop games. We rent games, and offer a try-before-you-buy gaming library too! We have a great area to play games, with plenty of space on our premium gaming tables to make your gaming experience more enjoyable.
  • If you're into Warhammer 40k, Warmachine and Hordes, Bolt Action, X-Wing, or other miniatures games, our store features several fully-furnished gaming tables ready for your armies to do battle on.
  • If outwitting your opponent using your perfectly crafted deck in Magic The Gathering is more your speed, we have plenty of tables to play on, as well as Friday Night Magic.
  • If slaying orcs and defeating evil wizards suits your style, we host Pathfinder Society and D&D For Beginners.
  • Or, if you're interested in the nerdier side of life and want to try out some cool games, our staff is ready to help by answering any questions you may have as well as offering demonstrations of our more popular games. With products geared towards all ages, The Dragon’s Den offers something for everyone. We encourage you to visit our store and speak with our knowledgeable gaming experts and staff, and most importantly have fun! It's a great place to stay and play!

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Board & Party Games

We carry board and party games, such as Cards Against Humanity, Settlers of Catan, 7 Wonders, Pandemic, Machi Koro, and more!

Card Games

We carry card games, including Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Lord of the Rings LCG, Adventure Time, and NetRunner LCG!

Miniatures Games

We also carry miniatures games, such as Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Bolt Action, X-Wing, Armada, Warmachine/Hordes, and Beyond the Gates of Antares!

Role-Playing Games

Don't forget Role-Playing Games! We have Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, The One Ring, Star Wars Role-playing, and more!

Supplies & Accessories

Whether it's sleeves to protect your valuable cards, paints and brushes to muster your miniature soldiers to battle, or a lucky set of dice to roll those critical hits, Dragon's Den has you covered!

Try Before You Buy

We often schedule demo days for games and our trained staff can answer any questions you may have! Additionally, we have a large library of games you can rent!


All Events    

Imperial Assault Tournament

July 24

Imperial Assault players are invited to come and test their skill against other players in a special tournament hosted by Dragons Den. Prizes, including alternate art cards and acrylic tokens, will be given out to the top players in the tournament.


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